Kern Branch MTAC Performance Dress Code


Kern Branch MTAC has adopted a recital dress code to which student performers must adhere when performing at any MTAC sponsored event.


Enforcement will be the responsibility of the event chairperson or any MTAC member present.


Students who are in violation of the Dress Code will not be allowed to perform.


Students, teachers and parents all hold the responsibility for students dressing in accordance with the Dress Code.  On the day of the event, the event chairperson or other MTAC member will enforce the Dress Code and turn away any student who is dressed inappropriately.

Young Ladies

Wear a dress, or skirt/blouse with hem length not shorter than two inches above the knee.
Dressy slacks or pant sets are also acceptable. 
Waist area should be covered when standing or sitting. 
No Shorts or jeans.
Dresses and tops should have at least a one-inch shoulder strap.
DO NOT wear a skirt or dress with a high slit – thighs should not be exposed.
All outerwear must cover your underwear.
Shoes should have no more than a three-inch heel
The shoe should stay on the foot and not be too ‘strappy’. 
Dress Shoes preferred. No flip-flops.
Keep rings and bracelets to a minimum.
Consider a hairstyle that keeps the hair out of your eyes and away from your face.
Oddly colored hair is a distraction to the performance.

Young Men

Dress clothes are requested.
Tucked-in, button up, collared shirts are expected. Polo Shirts are acceptable.
Jackets and/or ties are always appropriate.
Dockers or dress slacks are preferred.
No shorts, jeans or sloppy/baggy pants.
No tank tops, sweatshirts, or t-shirts.
Dress Shoes preferred. No flip-flops.

*Chewing gum or candy is not allowed at recitals.