Improvisation is a state program offered for students of all MTAC teachers.  The Improvisation Syllabus and Guide and Games and Activities for Improvisation are books published by MTAC and can be ordered from the State Office.  Any books or materials you have available, as well as the improvisation resources listed on the MTAC website, may be used in the MTAC Improvisation program.  At the branch level, students may be featured in the September recital.  All CM students may participate in the optional Improvisation element of Certificate of Merit.  Recorded improvisations may be sent in to the State Evaluation Program, and students may be considered for the State Improvisation Celebration Recital or the Improvisation Honors Recital at the State Convention. 

A Senior Medallion is awarded to students who submit an improvisation for evaluation at least three of their four years in high school, including the senior year, and who have performed in at least one Improvisation Recital at State Convention.

Composers Today

Composers Today (CT) is a State program offered through our Branch.  Teachers can use the State Composition Workbooks or their own method to assist the student in composing his/her own music. Compositions must be completed by the student in their own writing or by use of a computer program. Students may enter: 1) State Evaluation; 2) Symposium Recital; and/or 3) State Contest.  Top rated pieces from the Evaluation may be selected to perform at the State Convention Symposium Recital.  State Contest Winners receive cash prizes and perform in the State Contest Winners Recital.

A Senior Medallion is awarded to students who submit a different composition to CT at least three of their four years in high school, including their senior year, and who have performed in at least one CT Recital at State Convention.

Young Composers Guild is the highest achievement a CT student can attain. Serious young composers who have performed at the State Convention at least once during their high school years may apply for membership.

Composers Today for Teachers: Teachers also may submit their original compositions in State Evaluation, Symposium, and State Contest.