Monthly Recitals 

Recitals are wonderful performance opportunities for students. The Kern branch hosts a monthly recital at Valley Baptist Church nearly every month during the school year. A special Christmas recital is held at Barnes & Noble Bookstore in December.

Honors Recital

Students who have received honors at Certificate of Merit, Baroque Festival, Fall Festival or Winter Festival are invited to perform in this recital. Teachers are notified who these students are following each of the above listed events and should keep a record of such for later entry in the Honors Recital. To enter, teachers submit the regular monthly recital application to the host by the due date. There are no fees for this recital.

Showcase/Awards Recital

Student performers will be selected for the Showcase/Awards Recital by teacher application. Each teacher may submit one student with a choice of two possible pieces. Teacher will be notified which piece will be performed.The music must be memorized unless it is an ensemble work. The teacher may use whatever criteria he/she chooses to nominate their student. Branch Scholarships are presented at the Showcase/Awards Recital including CM Senior Medallions, Youth Awards, Malquist, Rummelsburg and Rodgers Scholarships. Winners of the Rogers, Malquist, and Rummelsburg will perform. Youth Award winners are able to perform a piece of their choice if time permits. There is no fee for this recital.