Certificate of Merit (CM)

This is a state MTAC testing program for students covering five areas of musicianship: theory, ear training, performing, technique, and sight-reading.  There are 11 graded levels, Preparatory to Advanced (P-10).  Ages five through adult are accepted. Optional Improvisation is included. Top students are selected to perform at the Branch Honors Recital (Level 3 and above), State Convention, or the Young Artist’s Guild. 

Young Artist Guild membership is the highest achievement that a CM student may attain. The members are offered semi-professional, paid performance opportunities, as well as scholarship awards.   

Students are evaluated by judges, who are appointed by the State. These judges come from other branches on an assigned date (usually a Saturday in March).  Certificates are given to each student passing the evaluations.

The Kathryn Errecart Award trophy is given to CM students who achieve 100% on the CM theory exam.

 A Senior Medallion is awarded to students who participate and pass at least three of the four high school years, including the senior year, and attain Level VII or above.